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Precision Bookkeeping

Providing Personal and Business Bookkeeping Services, Administrative and Operational Support

Precision Bookkeeping provides bookkeeping and operational support services in Monterey Bay, CA and its surrounding communities.


Our range of scalable services spans payroll processing, human resources management, accounts payable, vendor and customer set-up, bill pay, receivables management, month-end financial close, issuance of financial statements and budget development.

What Can We Do For You?

Who needs Bookkeeping Services? The short answer: All businesses.


Outsourced bookkeeping has changed the way business owners approach this often-dreaded task. Instead of hiring an in-house bookkeeper or accountant, we can help take your business to the next level—without any strings attached.


The benefits of working with Precision Bookkeeping are numerous—and you won’t miss a thing!

Save on Payroll and Operating Costs So You Can Spend on Growth

Keeping payroll costs low is a priority for all businesses and hiring an in-house bookkeeper involves more than simply an hourly wage. Consider the additional costs of hiring an employee: Insurance, Benefits, Training, Recruiting and Increased Operating or Facility costs.​

Precision Bookkeeping can give your business more than you’d get with a traditional in-house bookkeeper. Utilizing our services gives you the freedom to spend wisely while growing your business.

Save Time and Minimize Paperwork


Logging, analyzing and reconciling payments and other financial records takes time out of your day. Working with a Certified Bookkeeper allows you to buy your time back—at a much lower cost than lost opportunities. Precision Bookkeeping can take care of this tedious, time-consuming task so you can attend to things that require your attention. You’ll have more free time to improve customer service, evaluate processes and overall improve operations.

Get Detailed Financial Reports Without Paying for An Accountant


Beyond the simplicity of data entry, another benefit of working with Precision Bookkeeping is the financial information that comes with it.

Upon request, you can access financial reports that give you more specific information about your business. You can view your profits and losses, a balance sheet, or your cash flow history.

Because we meticulously record this information, viewing it is quick and easy. You can share this information with partners, employees, legal counsel and financial advisors. As your business grows, quantitative insights like this are invaluable.

Prepare for Tax Season With No Extra Effort


Why make tax season stressful when it can be simple? Precision Bookkeeping can simplify tax preparation and full compliance will take unnecessary stress off your shoulders.

Instead of scrambling to get your numbers in order, we will help you prepare for tax season as time goes by. Once the time comes, your tax professional will be able to help you file immediately while taking advantage of potential tax deductions.

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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